External cavity diode lasers with 5kHz linewidth and 200nm tuning range at 1.55um and methods for linewidth measurement


Two simple external cavity diode laser designs using fibre pigtailed gain chips are tested and their properties compared with a high end DBR fibre laser. These ECDLs demonstrate a FWHM linewidth as low as 5.2kHz with a fitted Lorentzian FWHM linewidth as low as 1.6kHz. Tuning ranges of 200nm covering 1420nm to 1620nm were demonstrated. To the best of our knowledge these are the narrowest linewidth and most broadly tunable external cavity diode lasers reported to date. The improvement in linewidth is attributed to greatly enhanced acoustic isolation allowed by using fiber coupled gain chips and by replacing kinematic mounts with a pair of rotatable wedges for cavity alignment which eliminates acoustic resonances. A detailed description and discussion of techniques used to characterize the frequency noise and linewidths of these lasers is provided.

Opt. Express, (22), 9, pp. 10642–10654, https://doi.org/10.1364/OE.22.010642